Fossil Q Nate Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Q Nate Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Q Nate Hybrid Smartwatch: Looks like a watch, acts like a smartwatch

The promising wearable market is filled with different products and recently Fossil, a well-known name in the industry, brings its hybrid smartwatch.

Meet Fossil Q Nate, Fossil’s military-inspired hybrid smartwatch that blends analog design with smart connectivity.

It’s a quartz watch with smart features which can be accessed via the app available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store; Android OS 4.4 and iPhone 5 or iOS 8.2+. In the first look, it appears like a simple quartz wrist watch with the large 50mm dial. The dial is made of stainless steel with stainless steel or leather straps.

Fossil Q Nate Look and feel: 

It has neither screen nor any software, it’s a quartz watch holding chipset beneath that tracks your activities and communicate with smartphone. The combination turns the watch into hybrid smartwatch that blends analogue design with smart connectivity.

The big dial has a minute and an hour hand, and a small dial inset at the bottom, still you can see date, set alarm and time in 24-hrs format. The small dial comes with two functions, numbers in orange color show the percentage of achieved goal while the bottom half shows function performed by the button press.

Fossil Q Nate Features:

For smart features, you need to simply connect the watch to your smartphone using Fossil Q app and Bluetooth. Once connected, it asks for some basic information including your name, height, weight, etc. and then let you set daily fitness goals.

It’s not all, you can set an alarm, view 24-hour time, compare time in multiple time zones and track everything from steps to calories to sleep.

Smarter watch:

  • Ring my phone – handy while lost in the house, even works when the phone is on silent.
  • Take a picture – use it as the trigger for taking a picture if the phone is far
  • Music management – volume up, down or pause/play/skip a song.
  • Notifications – You can set the dials to show you a specific number on the watch face in case you get a notification from a specific person (call or text), you can even set it to alert a calendar event.

Fossil Q Nate is a Regular watch:

Though, the market is flooded with smart bands and watches, which come with screen and loaded with a suite of apps. This watch won’t offer that but it’s a true quartz watch with added smart features.

It doesn’t have screen, so no need to use any gesture or press any button to see the time, simply look at it as like your traditional watch. It connects to your phone to visually track your activities or you can see the achieved goals on the watch by using the small dial. So, it can work alone as well as with your smartphone.

It’s a hybrid watch offering several tracking options but it’s not a smartwatch so you won’t get visible notification however phone will vibrate for your chosen apps. The dial is large, so while wearing on skinny hands it may feel awkward as well as heavy as it weighs 454 grams.

Regular watch features:

  • 2nd time zone.
  • Current date via the dials and numbers on the perimeter.
  • Next alarm (Alarm via vibrations).
  • 24hr time (For you to know if it’s 1am or 1pm for example)

Fossil Q Nate PROs

  • Beautiful design – relative large watch face, fits larger hands better.
  • Great battery life – rated for 12 months of regular use (with phone connected notifications).
  • Simple intuitive app – Steps, Sleep, Smart features outline (And a really unnecessary Picture taking mode…). The app is currently compatible with Android OS 5.0+ or iPhone 5/iOS 9.0+.
  • Customizable watch buttons.
  • Wateproof up to 5ATM.

Fossil Q Nate CONs

  • Heavy and big, not for everyone.
  • No heartbeat sensor.
  • No naps registered on the sleep counter.
  • Call notifications need practice on order to remember who’s what number.

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