PH continues to rise in global Speedtest rankings

PH continues to rise in global Speedtest rankings

The Philippines continues to rise up the global speed rankings, being among the top 100 globally in both mobile and fixed download speeds, based on Ookla’s Speedtest® Global Index* June 2021 data.

The country is currently at the 75th spot in the world on mobile, climbing 2 notches with an average mobile download speed of 32.84 Mbps. This, likewise, is the 11th month the country has shown consistently improving average mobile download speeds.

For fixed, the country rose 3 spots to 62nd place, with an average fixed download speed of 66.55 Mbps and an average fixed upload speed of 66.86 Mbps.

PH continues to rise in global Speedtest rankings

Due to the industry’s improvements in terms of network upgrades and infrastructure development, customers around the country have been enjoying better connectivity experiences.

“Globe continues to undergo network upgrades utilizing more advanced technology and improving the overall data experience for our customers.  We are glad that overall, the country is making consistent progress in delivering world-class service to Filipinos. This shows how our collective efforts in battling headwinds from the pandemic are paying off for the benefit of all,” said Ernest L. Cu, Globe’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Globe strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 9 which highlights the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. Globe is committed to upholding the United Nations Global Compact principles and contributing to 10 UN SDGs.

*Ookla® Speedtest® Global Index (Philippines – June 2021).

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