Just Mobile ShutterGrip

ShutterGrip instantly transforms your smartphone into a serious camera

ShutterGrip Ergonomic Handgrip Shutter Remote Bluetooth Stable Shots Selfies for Apple and Android Smartphones

Improve your smartphone photography with the Just Mobile ShutterGrip Grab-and-Go Smartphone Camera Control. Using a tension grip, this smartphone accessory attaches to practically your device, with or without a case.

Complete with an ergonomic handle and a wireless shutter button, the ShutterGrip offers total stability and clear photos. It comes with a non-slip grip, tripod screw, and lanyard hole, so you can easily attach accessories. Thanks to its modular design, the ShutterGrip also doubles as a remote control.

The remote control feature helps you take selfies, capture time lapses, videos, and more making it a must-have gadget for creatives. Compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones, the Just Mobile ShutterGrip comes in black, blue and gold.

Just Mobile ShutterGrip instantly transforms your smartphone into a serious camera. It uses a tensioned grip to attach to almost any smartphone – case or no case – and provides a solid, ergonomic handle and wireless shutter button.

No more shaky shots or photographic fumbles. With a tripod screw, lanyard hole and non-slip grip, ShutterGripTM make it easy to attach accessories. And the ingenious modular design allows you to remove the shutter button to use as a remote control for selfies, videos and time lapses – making this a must-have accessory for any true creative.

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