Turn your iPhone into a 360 camera with PanoClip

PanoClip turns your iPhone into a 360 camera

Effortlessly capture everything around you with the PanoClip Snap-On 360-Degree iPhone Lens.

Traditional 360° cameras use two or more cameras to capture all angles of a scene, before stitching them together into a single image. PanoClip works on the same principle, but thanks to some ingenious tech, it achieves the same result with the two cameras that are likely already in your pocket.

Using PanoClip could not be simpler. Snapping it onto the top of a phone will align its super-wide-angle lenses with the phone’s front and rear cameras. Then, all that’s left to do is open up the companion app and start taking 360° snapshots.

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PanoClip users will never miss a detail, and they’ll easily capture vibrant, dynamic scenes with action in every direction, such as music festivals or parties. When users want to focus on a particular part of the action, the screenshot feature lets them re-frame the best angles.

Compatible with various iPhone models, this handy gadget makes it easy to take photos of everything around you in one shot. Likewise, you can use the PanoClip to take Tiny Planet shots directly from your iPhone, getting the entire world in the frame.

By snapping right onto your phone, the lens utilizes both your front and rear cameras. Just tap the shutter button to take a photo of every detail in every direction. Additionally, Spin View transforms your 360-degree pictures into vibrant video clips that you can view from any angle. Simply choose the view that matches your vision.

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Complete with unique effects, filters, and stickers, the app allows you to edit and share wherever you like.

PanoClip is available now at PanoClip.com. Two body configurations, a full and a Lite version, together offer compatibility for iPhone 6/Plus, 6s/Plus, 7/Plus, 8/Plus and X.

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