Top 6 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

Top 6 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

Want to earn from blogging?  Here are the 6 Profitable and High Paying Blog Niche Ideas

Blogging has been a way for many people to earn some extra cash other than their regular income. And Adsense is considered to be one of the trusted places by bloggers to earn money. In order to get the best out of Adsense, you have to learn about the different niches that pay well. If you want to learn more about those niches, just keep on reading.

It pays to know about niches. Why? It is because niches affect what you can earn. Many newbies make a mistake of jumping into things without proper knowledge of what they’re getting themselves into, they end up making hasty decisions or missing out on good opportunities.

To get the best out of Adsense the goal you have to set for yourself is to create a blog that isn’t targeted for Adsense itself, you have to establish your blog as if you are trying to create a solution for a problem in a certain niche. This will give your blog a more attractive look to your readers.

Top 6 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

A common problem encountered by bloggers is having a lot of competitors in search engines, specifically for the Adsense niches that pay well. And to out-compete your competitors, what you must do is find a way to outrank them, get ahead of them.

Learn more about the niches that make you and your bank account happier.

1] The Best Niche is Health

If you really want to maximize each click on Adsense, then Health would be the best and suggested niche for you.

Why is health the best niche, because almost all people want to learn about topics related to health. It may be about how to lose weight, how to cure this certain sickness, the benefits of a certain fruit/meat/etc., and many more, all these topics are always searched by many people. And by targeting your blog to topics such as those that focus on solving problems on health, then you’d easily have a lot of people on your blog.

Health is a very broad topic so you have a lot of choices which one you would like to focus on such as eye care, skin care, losing weight, diet, etc.

2] Talk about Celebrities

Believe it or not, this niche actually generates a lot of traffic in your blog.

For some, this topic might not seem very interesting to write about BUT it does pay well since celebrity niches do interest A LOT of people. This niche really has a lot of searches on the internet. Whether people admit it or not, they always want to be updated with the latest news on the lives of celebrities. People enjoy reading about the gossips, revelations, life, secrets, of celebrities.

With this topic, surely you will never run out of things to talk about, because at all times new celebrities pop up, new stories are created, so there’s always something to put in your blog.

3] Get Techy with Technology Niches

Technology Niches are becoming more and more popular each year. This is easily understandable because we are moving into a new age where technology is literally in everything and it is everywhere. People love to know about the newest and most updated technology out there. They rely on blogs that talk about them to have more knowledge about the current tech industry.

Even if this requires a bit more a technical mind in order to write technology niches, it can be learned through time.

4] Insurance

Another surprising niche on our list but it is true, insurance is a niche searched by many people around the world. And this definitely pays well for you.

There are many readers out there who try to learn more about different kinds of insurance all the time. A lot really do try to plan ahead and try to expand the information they know about these.

So for this niche, the key to having a lot of traffic in your blog is using the right keywords. Using specific words will get you more traffic thus more money for you.

5] Write About What’s Hot

Or in simpler terms, just write about what’s viral in social media. This is not necessarily a niche; however it is an easy way to earn money from Adsense.

Since the topic you are writing about is what’s viral, then you can immediately get traffic because a lot of people would want to know about it. The key here is to be entertaining.

6] Parenting

Parenting is a profitable niche. Just think about it – there are entire stores dedicated to newborns and children. There are hundreds and thousands of products just for parents too.

This a niche that is also universal and moms are everywhere! This niche will make big money with Amazon Affiliate program.


Basically, choosing one of these six niches can help you improve how you earn money through Adsense.

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